GIEL is a Urban Christian Artist, who's been encouraging the world one listener at a time. With her infectious "love life" smile, heart-felt lyrics, & heart of worship; GIEL is spreading the gospel through urban beats and real life lyrics that pierce the hearts of listeners with every note. She's a faith-filled psalmist with a powerful worship ministry, but able to fiercely rock a stage holding her own with the best of them! She's a very talented multi-instrumentalist whose sound is organically eclectic but powerfully explosive! Her latest album entitled, "GIEL: THE DECREE " (released August 18th, 2015) screams confidence and authority in the WORD of God. GIEL musically reveals her passion for seeking God's word and invokes the spirit with such anthems as "SAY SO” and "FOREVER".

Her previous release, “GIEL: THE MESSAGE BEHIND THE MUSIC EP” (released 30 January 2011) is self explanatory. Revealing the drive behind each song...the heart of a survivor, and a seeker of that which will please the Father. The EP is the first of a self-titled series ("GIEL: . . .)", which is a personal musical journey that is pure, vulnerable, and true to what GIEL's fans and followers have come to admire about her music. The pure and honest message of Christ's Love behind the music is evident. There is however, maturity in sound and content that can be heard in her new album, THE DECREE. GIEL musically takes the listener on her journey from being a "BRAVE ONE", declaring a change first in her speech with "SAY SO”, onto discovering her identity in "ADOPTED" and God's love in "NEVER CHANGE" and "KOH (King Of Hearts)". After which, she closes the album with the anthem "WE ARE" sealing the overall process with a powerful declaration of being made for more! The anticipation that has kept her fans on edge for NEW music for over 4 years is finally here with the very powerful…”GIEL: THE DECREE”!

"I feel like this is a new me, I've discovered things in my life now that I want to share with everyone! This walk with Him; this "Authority" He has given me has been revitalizing!! I want others to know that they have the power to decree a thing as well, thats BIBLICAL!! (Job 22:28 KJV) It's only when we're stronger individually, that the body of Christ is stronger! Then the Kingdom of God is STRONGER!" –GIEL.

As the creator of GLARE Organics Body Company. (www.aNaturalGLARE.Co an all natural organic hair & skin care line), Founder of #theDecreeMovement ( a powerful community movement where its focus is declaring God’s Word through scripture over family, cities, communities and circumstances found on Instagram and Facebook for more info) as well as an International Recording Artist ( releasing her 2nd solo project entitled, “GIEL: The Decree”, GIEL is an Entrepreneur, An Artist, Speaker, and all around loving and giving person. Her charisma and fervor ignites inspiration in everyone she meets! She is indeed an ambassador and voice of this generation both in sound and character…walking in the LIGHT while helping others to do the same!