Artist Development Package

The Artist Development package is designed to help the artist perfect their artistry. This package consists of tools and advice on:

Album Reviews - Oversee song selection

Vocal Lessons - Improve  your song performance, vocal health and technique.

Image Consulting - improve the image of the client personally or professionally through appearance, behavior, and communication.

Press Training - Learn the art of selling yourself to your target audience and the media.

Personal Trainer - Body and mental health

Live Show Production Coach - Help enhance artistic vision

Music Industry Knowledge Package

The Music package is designed to help the artist be informed on all things music. This package consists of tools and advice on:

Distribution - Finding the correct distribution partner for your release

Copyrights - Learning how to protects creative expression

Publishing - Publishing income is the cornerstone of a musician’s income.

Royalties - Get paid for your intellectual property

Splits - How you divide up each collaborator’s interest in a song.

Live Show Package

The Live Show package is designed to help the artist learn how to get more shows. This package consists of tools and advice on:

Booking - This entails securing and arranging performances, negotiating deals, arranging proper technical setups for shows, and in many cases also securing hospitality (hotels, dinners), logistics (travel, flights) and promotional efforts

Touring - taking your show on the road

Merchandise - When you think of being a profitable musician, the main thing that comes to mind, are the sales from your music! However, fans can provide you with revenue through artist merch sales

Promotion Package

The Promotions package is designed to help the artist get more people exposed to their music, which in turn creates more potential listeners. By putting in place a strategy that gets your songs into more spaces, you are increasing your chances to become somebody’s favorite new artist. This package consists of tools and advice on:

Radio Servicing and Promotions - Let us help you develop a targeted radio campaign and get your music to top radio programmers.

Public Relations - A PR campaign that gets your music wider attention specifically catered for you.

Marketing - Creation and implementation of your marketing plan.

Branding - Ensuring consistent imaging and marketing tools – Website, photos, videos, EPKs, etc.

Strategic Planning Package

The Strategic Planning package is designed to help the artist plan out his/her next steps in their career. This package consists of tools and advice on:

Budgeting -  Financial planning dedicated for targets and results artist expect to achieve over the course of the next fiscal year.

Management assistance - Add us to your team! We will ease the day-to-day grind by coaching you or giving you more access to help manage your team or project (depending on your needs and budget).

Building a Team - Staffing your team to run a effective business.

Major Label Pitching - Advice on how to best present your work to record labels/music industry.

Reviewing Contracts - Can’t afford a Entertainment Lawyer? Use our veteran staff to review and create functional contracts that will allow artist to operate business effectively.